SECDEA Mangroves

Ah. Every person on earth strives to have something unique said about themselves. We observe the same to be true with establishments. In SECDEA, we are not unique. We do not claim to be different. What we do claim is that we work with nature in any way we can. We do not always succeed, because nature is tempest. She is unpredictable, powerful, temperamental and generally beyond human control. But we try all the same. What encapsulates our philosophy when dealing with Mother Nature is this: adapt and carry on. This is what the Way of the Mangrove is about.

The Mangroves in the SECDEA coast are ancient. The branches are knobby and gnarled. They have twisted and turned to get their leaves to reach sunlight. It is a slow process marked by every coiling of the branch, every bend in the trunk. Strangely, it is this very deliberate process that makes its growth meaningful. As you weave your way around our Mangroves, ponder.

The Mangrove is integral to the health of our coastal waters. Its act of growing is a testament to life. It’s mere existence, a philosophy. Ponder. Not only because we ask you to. But also because it is a beautiful place to do so.